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November 30, 2012
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The Price Of Beauty by Sketchi-Panda The Price Of Beauty by Sketchi-Panda
"its hard to think that im beautifull inside and out ,when people only see me for who i am on the outside. will i ever find someone who can see past these chains and find the real me?"

Yay! i finnally drew rarity! :la:

Texture: [link]

EDIT: ( [link] ) On EQD again :D hi Equestria Daily readers!
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I've only recently joined deviant art, and mostly to follow the best artists and comic writers in the mlp fan community. There are a lot of them, and you're definitely included in that group of great artists! My favourite parts about this piece are the details on Rarity's face, head and choker as well as the long flowing skirt. First, the face. Her eye looks terrific, with just enough reflection and detail to maintain a cartoon look. The colour palette you used really works and the shading is perfect. The long, sharp and thick eyelashes make the piece look more stylized and the background textures mixing with the foreground remind me of Gankutsuou (an anime with a really unique art style). Moving on to the rest of her head, her horn is longer and pointier than normal, more like an alicorn's and it makes her look important, like somepony every pony should know. Her earring looks really cool, I never thought of putting earrings on a pony, and a matching necklace covering a jewel studded choker seems looks amazing. Rarity's mane looks especially good being slightly tousled and shiny! As for the skirt, I had always felt that the skirts from the show never sat quite right, most likely due to them being image overlays rather than them making completely original pony vectors wearing clothes (that's just my hypothesis/opinion), but your skirt sits with just the right amount of weight over her tail. Speaking of that general area over her tail, that Victorian style... whatever it's called... you know, that folded piece of cloth covering the top of her tail... ends at just the right spot. The only thing that could be improved upon is the anatomy of her legs. Her foreground legs should appear slightly larger than her legs in the background, but her front right shoulder (foreground) is smaller than her front left shoulder (background). Otherwise, these two front legs have a very good flow to them and it is easy to visualize where the joints in her front legs are. Her hind legs, in comparison, look a lot more rigid. Overall amazing drawing and beautiful dress! Rarity would be proud!
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I really like how you have focused on the proportions and lighting in this piece, I think you've definitely improved over some of your previous work.

In the past I feel like you favored a simpler shading style and it tended to make the characters appear rounded. However, the sharp contrast on her chin and on portions of her legs really define the shape of Rarity as well as add place the character in a more realistic lighting environment.

Similarly, Rarity's proportions here look spot on. I think in the past some on your heads have been a bit flattened, [link] for instance (though that may have been more the style you were shooting for).

I like where you were going with the texture in this work, but I think it would have worked better as an overlay for the background. By laying it over the final work, over all Rarity and the chain, it makes the chain appear partially transparent which feels odd when I think you were shooting for a more "gritty" feeling. I think if you want to work with textures, you should focus on independent textures for different parts of the drawing - like using a doily pattern for the dress texture, grass texture for a deeper fur feeling, etc.

I like that you kept with the show's style and varied the outline colors throughout, though I think you could take it one step further and vary the line thickness as well (if you're working Photoshop, there should be an option to draw paths with a varying thickness), I think that would bring even more depth to your art.

It's a bit enlightening to look closely at the dress you have made, Since the design doesn't meet over her front shoulders, I feel like you were modeling something with a bust, though in a literal sense it's a tad out of place with the pony anatomy, but then again many things in Equestria are best fitted to a pair of hands, so I suppose it oddly fits in with the cannon of the universe.

Dwelling on that a bit more, it makes me wonder what inspired you put in chains - if you were pulling from a generic steam-punk-esque element, of if you were trying to comment on how restraining a dress like that would naturally feel like.

As others have mentioned, I like how you brought the dress down in the rear to demonstrate that the weight of the fabric is pulling down on the support provided by her tail, it makes the who pose feel more realistic.

Overall you really nailed the facial region, the earring/hair piece is a particularly cute design. The eyelashes, choker, blush and hair styling work quite well together. I feel like there's a bit of a contrast between a perfectly triangular horn which is more cartoony vs the coloring you used to render the horn folds which is a very realistic rendition - so I feel there's a bit of clash with the particular design you employed. I also really like the little fur frills you put in throughout her design, I notice you have used those in the past and I really like how they make the character feel more real than they typically come across in the show.

Keep up the awesome work :ahoy:
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Chaotic-Kyubi Apr 12, 2013  Student General Artist
There's something about this Rarity (or "Anti-Rarity"?) that I like... And I wish I have a wallpaper version of it. xD

Bravos, BTW!
I feel for ya, girl. When you're so beautiful on the outside it's difficult for anyone to see what's on the inside.
omfg damn the coloring and everything are just beautiful in this.... wow...
I'm not enough of an artist to critique, so I will just say this: "Stunning."
Stunning. Beautiful, sad, and very heart felt. Quiet lovely.

I believe, Spike has a good chance of doing just that.
IFLYSNA94 Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist
gorgeous, simply gorgeous
onelilmermaid Dec 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is just so amazing.
RaenBoow Dec 7, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This is one of those surprise findings that you can't figure out exactly why you can sit and look at it all day....
I may the music I had in my ears [link] but I don't want to stop look at it yet xD
Wow, this is amazing! Great work.
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